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Wow this is a Fantastic read. This read grabs you right off. I Love these kind of reads. This has plenty of heart pounding, adreneline rush you get when reading a crime thriller, and the Author has really hit this right out of the park. You will be on the edge of your seat. With this page turner. If you love solving things and thrillers this is the one for you. I definitely recommend this read.

Shauna Joesten (Amazon Customer)

A Call To Vengeance is the fourth instalment of the Crime Syndicate series from the author Mark J Newman.
A multi-layered and unnerving depiction of gangland violence played out on the streets of the Midlands and the South Coast.
Crime Boss Malkie Thompson’s alone, holed up in an isolated derelict farmhouse, bleeding out from a bullet that was meant to kill. The image of his girlfriend Mimi’s lifeless body etched to his retina.
Word’s out, his nephew Jason Cunningham ordered the botched hit, question is – who’s he working with?
Malkie’s not done yet. Gun in hand, he’s waiting for the end. One thing’s for sure whichever way it plays out he’ll go down fighting.
Wracked with guilt, George Patterson’s heading south. Dispatched by Malkie, he already knows he’s not coming back. No better than a dead man running, looking for a ghost he should have laid to rest long ago.
Ryan Peterson’s spent the last fourteen years in exile, cultivating a web of lies and deceit to cover his tracks, but that’s about to come to an end, as the past gate-crashes the present.
Brighton’s infamous criminal outfit, the Donaldson brothers’, are into him for £3k. The gloves are off and now they’re holding his wife and child as collateral.
Ryan’s choice is stark, flee north and start over with the Crime Syndicate. Or stay, face down the brothers’ and save his family.
There will be blood, murder and mayhem as each will answer A Call To Vengeance.

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