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5.0 out of 5 stars Top class tale of gangsters, not for the faint of heart!
Fast, pacey, violent, connects to the first outing with some additional characters.

Colman Keane Book Blogger and Crime Thriller Critic

Malkie Thompson’s out of favour, and this time Glasgow Crime Lord McAlister wants him gone – permanently. There’s no turning back. Ex-Cop – turned Cleaner Jed Baxter’s on the case.


Jed Baxter’s got his own set of problems. Haunted by the past, he vowed never to return. Flat broke, with Callaghan’s Newcastle firm closing in, he’s back into a corner. What choice does he have? If he misses the deadline they’re going after his family.

In For The Kill is the second in series of the Crime Syndicate thrillers, and leads on from the Amazon #1 Bestseller Violence in the Blood. The setting is Glasgow Scotland 1987. In For The Kill is a self contained story and can be read either in sequence or enjoyed as a standalone novel.