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5.0 out of 5 stars
A superb read. With age and illness catching up with him someone's out to takeover but who is it and can they really oust the great Malkie Thompson? I have became a huge fan of Mark J Newman and highly recommend both author and this series of novels.

Kev Dilks Amazon Customer

They say Malkie Thompson’s had his day, ill health and bad luck taking their toll. Some reckon change is long over due. Other’s dare not speak the truth. The rivals sense blood and sharpen their blades. It’s all on the line, with everything to play for – the stakes have never been higher. There are choices to be made, they can stand and fight, run for cover or get affiliated.

The bonds of loyalty and trust will be bathed in blood.

Walk Amongst The Dead is the third in series of the Crime Syndicate Thrillers and continues the story of Glasgow Crime Lord Malkie Thompson and his associates George Patterson and Frank Mayer as they fight for survival amongst the new breed of gangs dividing up territory in the former industrial heartland of the Midlands.