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6 Degrees Harder

6 unique voices in Crime Fiction join forces to deliver 6 edge of the seat thrillers, guaranteed to keep you guessing till the end.
Even Money by Trudey Martin
Identity by Kenneth James Allen
The Pusher’s List by Michael Angel

Intruder by Eoghan Egan
Defector by Peter Kozmar
A Random Act by MJ Newman

Even Money—by Trudey Martin
. This is a stand-alone Verity Spencer short story set a few weeks after the events of No Deadly Medicine, the first full-length book in the series.

Identity–by Kenneth James Allen. 
Are you completely satisfied with your life? Do you want more from it? These are the questions the enigmatic Xavier Titan Cane asks stationery salesman Scott Harris after a chance meeting in an airport bathroom.

The Pusher’s List–by Michael Angel
. Supermarket cart pusher Colin Webb’s day goes from bad to terrifying the day he comes across a note scrawled in a child’s hand: Pleze Help Us We R Kidnaped.

Intruder–by Eoghan Egan. 
A father’s biggest fear.
A mother’s greatest dread. 
A family’s worst nightmare. 
This story is 2.5k words long

Defector–by Peter Kozmar. 
Moscow 1993 and CIA agent Andy Flint lands an important mission, secure the immediate defection of a high value asset. Flint soon finds himself facing a ruthless opponent, Oleg Malchik, a dynamic FSB agent who’s closing down Western intelligence networks one after another.

A Random Act–by MJ Newman. 
She needs urgent help, but is the ‘Good Samaritan’ everything he seems?
 ‘It was the eyes. I saw something in them. A memory, a vulnerability, hidden behind the glazed mask. A different life, one I’d long forgotten. I didn’t need to get involved. A violation of my parole. The fact that I’d stopped, lingered a moment longer than everyone else on the sidewalk, that in itself was enough to put me back inside.