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Get Ready: The New Standalone Thriller from MJ Newman, Coming Soon in 2024

‘Where shadows hide secrets, one woman seeks redemption, another craves revenge.’

In a world smothered by deceit and double-cross, Gracie, a young mother, tries to claw her way out of the clutches of a callous drug syndicate. Juggling a duplicitous life, she navigates treacherous waters whilst plotting her elusive escape.
As shadows deepen, Marvin Wilson, the father of Gracie’s child, wrestles with the allure of illicit gains and yearns for liberation from his present life, while his brother, ruthless gang enforcer, Elijah, schemes to seize gang control.
Simultaneously, a relentless undercover cop, Drexl, inches closer to unveiling a labyrinth of corruption, that stretches beyond the confines of the drug cartel. As he digs deeper, he realizes that the police force itself is tainted with individuals who are determined to keep secrets buried. With her daughter’s fate in the balance, Gracie must grapple with her traumatic past, unaware that a mysterious third party has entered the fray, fuelled by their own vendetta…

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Gone Not Forgotten. A taut, gritty standalone thriller. MJ Newman takes the reader on a fast paced adrenaline fuelled ride to the heart of county lines drug trafficking.

‘Crafted by an ex-police photographer and prison tutor, you can feel the lush, richness that comes as fact and fiction merge beautifully together.’ John Bowie Bristol Noir, author of Untethered.


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