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The Crime Syndicate: A British Crime Thriller Collection by MJ Newman is an amazing collection that I have loved reading and can not wait to read more from this author. This was the first time I have ever read anything from this author and I loved it. I highly recommend this collection to everyone who loves reading about thrillers in their stories.

Scarolet Ellis (Amazon Customer)

Welcome to The Crime Syndicate. Fast paced action guaranteed. MJ Newman distills a unique blend of Scottish noir and hardboiled crime fiction. Definitely one for Crime aficionados and fans who appreciate gritty and edgy Thriller writing.

Book 1: Violence In The Blood

Documents Thompson’s rise to power from the backstreets of Glasgow to the industrial heartland of the Midlands. Malkie Thompson’s got ambition and he won’t let anything stand in his way in his bid to rise to the top. He’s outgrown Glasgow and his boss, McAlister. It’s time to step out from the shadow of his mentor and establish his own Firm.
Join the rampage as Malkie and his crew blaze a trail of mayhem and destruction north and south of the border, and witness the birth of the crime syndicate.

Book 2: In For The Kill

Malkie Thompson’s out of favour, and this time Glasgow Crime Lord McAlister wants him gone – permanently. There’s no turning back, he’s sent for the cleaner, an ex-cop known simply as Baxter. He’s the go to guy for delicate jobs, when problems need to disappear, no questions asked.
If only it was that simple. Baxter’s got his own set of problems. Haunted by the past, he vowed never to return, and now he’s broke, with Callaghan’s Newcastle firm closing in demanding he repay the debt. What choice does he have? He’s backed into a corner. If he misses the deadline they’re going after his family.
In For The Kill is the second in series of the Crime Syndicate thrillers, and leads on from the Amazon #1 Bestseller Violence in the Blood. The setting is Glasgow Scotland 1987. Although second in series, In For The Kill is a self contained story and can be read either in sequence or as a standalone novel.

Book 3: Walk Amongst The Dead

They say Malkie Thompson’s had his day, ill health and bad luck taking their toll. Some reckon change is long over due. Other’s dare not speak the truth. The rivals sense blood and sharpen their blades. It’s all on the line, with everything to play for. There are choices to be made, they can stand and fight, run for cover or get affiliated.
The bonds of loyalty and trust will be bathed in blood.
Walk Amongst The Dead is the third in series of the Crime Syndicate Thrillers and continues the story of Crime Lord Malkie Thompson and his associates George Patterson and Frank Mayer as they fight for survival amongst the new breed of gangs determined to carve up the  syndicate’s territory.

Book 4: A Call To Vengeance:

Is the fourth instalment of the Crime Syndicate series from the author Mark J Newman.
A multi-layered and unnerving depiction of gangland violence played out on the streets of the Midlands and the South Coast.
Crime Boss Malkie Thompson’s alone, holed up in an isolated derelict farmhouse, bleeding out from a bullet that was meant to kill. The image of his girlfriend Mimi’s lifeless body etched to his retina.
Word’s out, his nephew Jason Cunningham ordered the botched hit, question is – who’s he working with?
Malkie’s not done yet. Gun in hand, he’s waiting for the end. One thing’s for sure whichever way it plays out he’ll go down fighting.
Wracked with guilt, George Patterson’s heading south. Dispatched by Malkie to locate and return the elusive Ryan Petersen, he already knows he’s not coming back. No better than a dead man running, looking for a ghost he should have laid to rest long ago.
There will be blood, murder and mayhem as each will answer A Call To Vengeance.

Book 5 Bonus Material: Twist of The Blade, A Crime Syndicate Thriller Short.

HMP Winson Green 1994: Ronnie Price took the fall. He’s kept his mouth shut all this time. 10 months to the out. A chance to start over. Trouble is, Malkie Thompson’s got other ideas.

Get ready for an electrifying, fast-paced journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat, racing toward the explosive climax. The Crime Syndicate series is a heart-pounding testament to the raw power of gritty and edgy thriller writing. Pick up these gripping novels today and discover a world where survival means embracing the darkness within.